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Brad Newsham

My wife, Rhonda, took the home page photo on Secret Beach in Kauai in 1991, when I was 40 years old, and the above photo when Take Me With You was on the verge of publication, in 2000.

Hi, it's me, Brad. There are no more naked photos here, but I hope you'll have a look around anyway. You'll find some of my writings, some photos from my travels, plus news on what I and some of the people I've written about are up to these days.

In 1983 I assigned myself a mission -- "To inspire others, through writing, to experience the magic of global travel" and subsequently wrote two round-the-world travel memoirs, "All the Right Places" and "Take Me With You."

On Sept 11, 2002, I launched "Backpack Nation" , a project designed "To transform the West's 2-3 million independent travelers into an army of global ambassadors, emissaries of peace, a roving force for good, and thereby help to save our world." From 2002-05, we raised $26,000 and most of it was delivered by individual backpackers to compelling individuals or situations encountered in the poorer countries.

I've been a San Francisco cab driver since 1985, and during 2006 I took notes for a book about a year behind the wheel. I still intend to write that book, but in October 2006 my life took a sharp right turn toward the impeachment movement. Our government has been hijacked, and the "Beach Impeach Project" is my attempt to help get it back.

Again, thanks for dropping by. If you have a look around, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I appreciate your visit. Please feel free to email me.


Oakland, CA
Feb 7, 2007

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